Germplasm Collection

Provides functionality for supporting germplasm collection (e.g. diversity panels and recombinant inbred lines) including the following:

  • Germplasm Collection content type is created automatically.
  • Fields:
    • Germplasm List (co_010__germplasm): Listing of all germplasm in a collection.
    • Project-Related Germplasm Collection (local__project_germcollection): to link germplasm collections with projects.


Germplasm Collection Pages

This module creates a germplasm collection content type which you can configure at Admin > Structure > Tripal Content Types > Germplasm Collection. By default, there will be a name, identifies, type of collection and germplasm list. The germplasm list will show all chado.stock records linked to a given chado.stockcollection record via the chado.stockcollection_stock table in an ajax-paged list.



There is currently no way to link a Germplasm collection with germplasm (chado.stock) through the user interface. Instead, you will need to add records to chado.stockcollection_stock manually to create the link.